Monday, September 27, 2010

Boy, sometimes the shortbread is dry, but I just think you were born on the wrong side of the double wide.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The air of cool September.

The house as it is now. Actually, I can breath a little. I am very far behind, but grandpa helped push boards for the subfloor through the the planer the other day. The Joists are now straight and nailed down. So actually I can start throwing those boards uptop, and start nailing them in. It'll be nice to actually tie the house together, and start to winterize it. The rafters will cost $530 altogether. It was less than I expected. I ordered 100 2x6's to frame in between the post and beam downstairs. It hybridizes the style of the building, but will make the finish work quicker and the insulation easier.
Not bad for joists. Grandpa and I cut them out, he milled them. I notched and threw them up. M.J came over to help one day too. It'll look nice with the second floor decking on. Hip wall and rafters soon too I hope, but that is still a couple weeks out. Haven't worked on the house much this week. Busy, chicken gutting, picked up cord wood, etc. and getting out of work around nine has been painful. But it is going well. Friday will be a big day.
In need of least there's half a smile there..

Well the meat birds are slowly coming to an end. I will have a lot more time when they are all finaly gone. The one benefit right now is that they are fertilizing a lot of field. Still have 250- so five weeks of slaughtering if I don't double up on a week or two. Still hauling water. Once the meaties are gone then the hauling won't be so bad, twice a week instead of 5 days a week.
( and just to throw a sales pitch in there, they are delicious. Believe me if it isn't pasture raised then it isn't chicken. Heck, if you order enough you might even get a date with a half shaven, slightly grumpy farmer guy. Or I can throw a grandpa/gramma or wife in if needed to seal the deal!)

Crappy shade shelter in front, but a hell of a nice picture of the field. These end of summer/fallish days make me dislike going to work. $igh.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

To be the strut joining the roof and floor of the truss

Got a couple students over to give me a hand today. They didn't like the idea of blocking up the carrying timber unless if more people came, so Kat and Dave came over, but by the time they got their my grandfather had showed up and pretty much said- put the fing thing up. God he's great.
Yesterday went to Durgin and Crowell for subfloor- not what I really wanted but the price was right. Then grandpa and I worked on the mill. He had cut out most of the joists- we loaded them, then cut 2x4's and 6's- reloaded onto my truck that night, unfortunately everyone left by the time I needed to unload the truck onto the house, but hey- all the joists are there, the timber is in place- one bathroom wall framed in, and straightened one wall. So straighten the other, joists go up. But I am going to bed.