Saturday, January 15, 2011

What would be wrong with moving to France?

Except at best I (was) conversational in Spanish? Out of curiosity I clicked on the link for "Raw Milk Availability in Other Countries" on the Weston A Price Foundation's site. Here is France' gorgeous post.


  • Brittany: Certified organic raw cow's milk. Ferme de Kerheu, 29510 BRIEC DE LµODET, 02 98 57 92 67. Their milk is even distributed by two local supermarkets: Inter Marché in Briec and Leclerc in Quimper where it costs 0.94€/liter and 0.84€/liter respectively.
  • Tournus: There is a raw milk vending machine on the southern outskirts of the center of town across the street from "Simply Market." If you take the main road out of town going towards Mâcon you will see a small sign for Simply Market on your left. The milk comes from La Ferme de Chantebaud.
  • A reader alerts us: "Raw donkey milk is going great guns in France and Belgium. Marie Tack in Belgium sells donkey milk that meets European bacteriological standards. I visited two farms in France and drank milk directly from many burros (delicious!). I will go to Belgium next year to visit Marie myself who milks 50 head of mammoth jennets each day. Donkey milk is the closest milk to human breast milk and is ideal for feeding infants. It is in a state of rediscovery in France and Belgium and will be available here in the future.Visit to see her operation. Donkeys don't carry Bovine diseases."
  • Another reader says: --This is the only raw milk vending machine I have come across, there are three in the Lyon region, but of course I continue to purchase raw milk freely from cremeries in the French Alps. There seems to be no restriction on sales from cheese-making factories here in Haute Savoie, I am not sure about other areas of France, but I assume where artisanal cheese is made, raw milk is available. A post by me: in-europe-what-a-great-idea/
  • Vending Machine Raw Milk (Lait Cru) And Bottles If You Need Them (Inside A Decrotive Small Wooden Chalet) - Main Entrance - Le Clerc Supermarket - Villeneuve Sur Lot - Lot Et Garonne- France -(The Dispenser Even Moos As It Delivers The Milk). Material - Raw Milk - Lait Cru Farm Name - Ferm Du Gaec De La Croix De Balen Farmers' Names - Familles Martinet & Laurante Address 47140 Trentells - France
Really! Raw milk vending machines? Hold on. I think we just found the answer to most chronic childhood diseases in America!
Actually, I like farm to consumer purchases of raw milk. It forces us to be unbelievably cautious with how we handle the milk, the cows, the equipment. Literally our patrons are outside our doorstep. It is a very nice reminder. Although I just like the idea of something as wholesome coming from the vending machine as raw milk. Who needs a redbull when some Jersey Cow is just a buck twenty-five away?
p.s. I'd try the donkey milk, but "it's the closest thing to your mother's breast milk" just isn't a good sales pitch to me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Dear S510, I bet you've never had a cat kneading your lap so delicately, and rubbing its fuzzy head against the warm belly of a cow as you are bent over trying to milk her. Sincerely Yours.