Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Injectible Deet

Scientists from Uni Corp, a subsidiary of Merck, have recently patented and submitted to the FDA an application for injectible deet. The product's initial design was to allow for a person to take an annual vaccine instead of having to apply bug spray everyday during our bug ridden summers. Deet, which is the most effectual and common insect repellent, has recently been sited as one of the most benign commonly used chemicals even though a stigma has encompoused the use of the product, most likely due to its overwhelming, distinctive odor. Researchers began working on an injectable form in the summer of 2008. USA Today recently uncovered the project of Merck. A spokesperson from Merk stated, "We were concerned with negative public perception of the research since this is now the first time in the history of modern medicine that we are using a chemical not to cure a symptom or disease, but rather to exploit the beneficial qualities of that chemical, and utlize them in the human."

The injectible deet acts as a sub-molecule recepter on clatherine in the body. Clatherine is an ubiquitious bodily protein. By reenginering the deet to posess an EUI receptor (Engineered Univeral Ion Receptor ) that readily bonds to the positively charged clatherine, then the deet is thus able to spread through the fleshy, non-viscular, tissue of the human body. This means the deet will be present over the entire surface of the skin, and then repel insects without needing repetitive applications of the chemical via a spray or lotion.

Studies on lab rats and rabbits have sofar been positive with very few side effects. The two most common side effects seem to be a mild red rash just after injection on 3% of subjects. In less than 0.02% of subjects the bond between the EUI enhanced deet and the body's clatherine break down. Using phosphorescent EUI's, it has been found that some of the EUI deet to be found in the brain. It is believed, though continued study is being done, that the EUI deet may possibly mimic lysine, an amino-acid, that is capable of acting like a neurotransmitter and passing the blood-brain barrier.

Yo soy un mentiroso.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bulls on Parade

2x8 gets tacked to rim joist.
Boom. with 2 inch rigid pole.
Gets tacked to 2x8 that is tacked to rim joist.
Stakes driven into ground and then nailed to boom.
Cement blocks for 'Oh Sh**' Security.
Add block and tackle.
Just keep lifting with 4x4s and slipping blocks underneath.
Tadah! walls lifted. Actually the boom blew right apart on the last wall. Didn't even say a bad word. grabbed my tie downs for the one ton, wrapped them around, and good to go. Although a quick fix is much like a quickie. It doesn't last for very long, and in the end only one of you is happy.
Some hens enjoying weather.

Apiary. 7 hives. One was an accidental split. 2 queens in package. The nuc E and I made raised its own queen. Sweet.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I hear the level bee

Bee update: So this year I bought in 4 packages of bees, and two extra queens. I ended up giving one extra queen to my grandmother. We split his hive yesterday. I ended up having to split one of my packages to accommodate the extra queen. She was supposed to be used in a split I made from my hive, but we ended up doing a queenless split.

So now there are 7 hives over at my place. Two of them were supposed to be up at CSC. Unfortunately never fully got permission for the cows. (oh the cows in the previous post were top bar hives).

Anyways, I have never emptied a package before. So that was interesting- easy, but interesting. I was nervous the next morning because each hive still looked disorganized, but by the afternoon they were flying in and out of the hives, and at night had all formed nice clusters. Gonna remove queens tomorrow.

Pointless post.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some stitch of string has come undone and gave way the hold over that thin fold that held yesterday onto today.