Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post without Pics

I just realized I have not posted in a bit. I am not sure where Marianne is right now, so staying up till she gets in. Might as well post! Since I have not had the time otherwise.

Well, we might as well start with my grandmother's flower gardens. They are gorgeous. The other day a women stopped under the guise of buying eggs so that she could walk the yard for a while. My grandmother was very very happy about the flower beds; then I back the ass of my one ton right through one and partially excavated a rhododendron...I forgot my white shirt for work, and being in a rush I put the truck into reverse and sped down the street. Not being terribly proficient backing up, I neglected to cut the wheel back after turning into the drive. Long story short- I felt myself slide off the driveway into the garden, so I tried to pull forward- nothing. Then I decided to just continue backing up and see if I could get out- errr- wrong answer. I stopped and got out- and noticed that I had very nicely parallel parked the one ton onto my grandmothers garden. Grabbed the kid next door to run the truck while I pulled it out with the Deere- anyways I yelled NO NO not go, spun those tires so much smoke was coming off the dirt. We did get the tractor out. Now (guys) here is the very very important part. If you did something wrong (hopefully with good intentions) then go over to Kat at Two Mountain Farm and beg for a quick, beautiful boquet of flowers. Don't skimp- and place them on the kitchen table with a note. Thank you Kat!

Anyways, Gram didn't even notice the 20 foot plowing of her gardens when she pulled in- but the kid next door came running like heck to let her know how it all went...thanks. Anyways, no one was really mad- everyone acted like it was supposed to happen- like they expected me to do it....thanks. =)

In between- honey super is full and capped, CSA shares are getting much better- potatoes, peppers, squash, cucs, beans, garlic, herbs, tomatoes (some) eggs/milk, yogurt did not come through this time- just short on leafy greens.

Picked up two bull calves.
Tired. Night!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weeks end Begin

I have a petition here at the house if everyone wouldn't mind coming by to sign. We are requesting that the townships of Andover and Salisbury be combined into a joint union of: Seattle, NH. The official town mascot would be the raindrop. An open hunting season on mud puddles will be posted from April through until August 15th. I could go on, but it is just a few more showers coming through...We got half the haying done last week. We cut one day, then tedded, raked and baled the next day: 191 bales. The hay looks very good, but it is quite late. It was fun doing this with my grandfather. In the past when we hayed my great grandmother's field my brother and I would just load the truck. This time I got to ted and rake. My grandfather wasn't very impressed with my tractor: it steers like a tank, and puts a bit coming up a hill. I like it though- starts every time.
This last week was pretty tough. The weekend before was overwhelming, and I felt it this week missing two days of work (one sick, one scheduled off) so my boss was nice enough to let another worker take half of my summer shift. Now I get to go in to work at 4:o0 (or 5:30pm) Should allow me to relax a bit, tidy up the animals, and get some much needed work done.
In short this week: must get a large batch of chickens out of the brooder. The rainy weather (and threats of storms) has prevented this. I also need to move the piglets. The mom looks too drawn down. So moving animals is it for a couple days. Otherwise focusing on the CSA, milking, and building application.

50 turkeys came in- we got them late this year in hopes of having smaller turkeys for thanksgiving- taking orders now!

Haying. Not very photogenic.
Very Photogenic.
Grandpa raking in background, foreground shell beans, cabbage, tomatoes and onions.
Gram cleaning out the milk machine. MMMM milk.

As a child was
Meant nothing but a
Printed on the side of a
plastic milk jug
Whose top might be cut
to hold shiners
when we went fishing

Monday, July 13, 2009

Morning of the Sun Dried the Dew

Slept in the field to the buzzing of mosquitos to the fading of the stars to a dim sky, clear with spotted clouds while the world slowly became visible to the dawn and the cackling of hens already awake early in the morning- to a wet arm resting on the grass filled with dew- dried by a rich sun....fed and watered all, milked the cows to see that pure white milk flow into the jars in the kitchen when everything is cleaned...painted the truck quick"Sun Farm: Raw Milk 648 2510 - Farm like the Earth is your Friend" at work......

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Pictures

I have had soo much positive energy with this sun and a clear direction/desire with the CSA. I sped out of work, rototilled up new spots in the near dark for greens tomorrow- watered everyone, came home, checked calf!! now going to wash eggs. Enjoy the pictures-Godbless

Tomatoes (2 weeks ago) in hoop house. Looking nice. Some bottoms starting to turn I think!

Shhhhhhh. Kitties Sleeping on Remay.

Bloody Butcher x Painted Mountain Field Corn. Very pretty

Example of squash- recent

Bottom of garden- Newly planted brocolli in straw, potatoes, cover crop (with pumpkins) then more potatoes.

Zac doing something.....something.

Hoop house- Eggplant behind but coming strong- tomatoes suckered and blossom/tomato set

Pretty Pretty Kitty!

Zac in well carrying out unneeded stone.

Bees today. Busy. Put on honey Super. Thanks Jack.

Heifer Calf- Born today. Pinz x Jersey. Grandpa upset. Goodnight!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Sunny Well

Last week everyone over at this home front was a bit bummed to see the weather report of rain, rain and maybe if we're lucking clouds and fog. Not needing to dwell on the soggy moods of last week, Marianne and I can attest to a splendid weekend. The farmer market was wonderful, as was the relatively laid-backness of the rest of the day- we got to talk a bit, and today spent the whole day together- weeding the garden and (mostly) pumping out/cleaning the well.

Going to bed. Cheers