Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chocolate Panna Cotta

Today was my day off. I had a split weekend this week. So I worked on the house for a few hours putting in windows with a past coworker. I did not get as much done as I had wanted. He showed up pretty hung over. So was still thankful for the help, but any heavy work in the barn wasn't happening. So after putting in most of the downstair windows, I retreated to the garden for some fun weeding in the misty rain- bug free! And then decided that it was time for a heavy whipping cream run. I went off to Hanafords, and got some white chocolate, some cream, and then walked around looking at pudding, yogurt and fruit cups as cheap Panna Cotta molds. I couldn't decide which ones would be best, so I ended up buying a couple yogurts and some really really cheap pudding. I then spent the rest of the day listening to Chopin and Beethoven, making sauces, and eating pudding. It was perfect. Although I have to admit negated my workouts from the last couple days. (I think I'll be fine)

So above is the desert finale. My biggest critique is that the ganache was spread too thickly. Kills the presentation. Otherwise I was very happy. It was my first attempt at a PC. It was perfect. The crisp (cookie that looks like a fin) was tacky. It was practice to make it gluten free, but tasted good. I completely messed up making a white chocolate mousse. I was attempting to mix it with a homemade ricotta. The chef at the BVI was making a ricotta, and had to ask him how he got his so fine. And then later I asked how I could blend it with a white chocolate. Well, considering the process involved several cooking techniques I have never tried, and I was able to salvage a sauce in the end, then I am very very happy.

I invited over a couple friends for tonight to enjoy. I think it was quite good. It was a lot of fun making three different sauces, an emulsion, and the ganache. One sauce I did not use. I overcooked the ricotta, and decided that Kavia would fair better with it. =)

So that is my near perfect weekend day. I got more of my house done, and realized that I really need to just hop to for the water and electrical when I get some cash next month, I got to relax inside after the garden, learn a bit more about confectionery, and had a couple friends over.

I hope whoever is reading this is well and wonderful. If not (or even if you are!) I do have three extra panna cottas ready to go... first come, first serve. I guarantee one is not making it beyond breakfast.


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