Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Enjoyed

I curled soft thoughts from a weekend enjoyed. My weekends seem to have gained length since I have began working at the BVI. I am not sure why this is. I think because while working there, there isn't the ability to slack off like at other jobs. (You know what I am talking about.) So when I get time off it seems like such an enjoyable release. This weekend I spent most of my time putting siding up on my house. Oh it was lovely. I was worried I was making some terrible unknown mistake while embarking on the clapboard endeavor. Remember, learning carpenter. It looks great! One day was sunny and warm, the next cloudy and chilly. Each memory great feelings between body and mind. Leaving my house I had staging setup to continue the siding for next week.

I also got to pull porcupine quills from one of my grandfather's cows. It isn't the most exciting story, but there is something so unique about the acts of farming. Taking pliers to the face of a large animal, who is scared, because what you are doing will be an act of healing. That is a great thought. Curling inwards to soft, warmed soul.

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